TK CM7-GH8 7 Cu. Ft. Concrete Mixer With 8HP Honda GX240 Gas Engine Plus Free Tow Poles

Specs (Specifications may change due to continuous product development)

• Heavy Duty lip
• The welded drum is manufactured using high abrasion steel giving TK Mixers long life and high performance
• Heavy duty one-piece cast iron ring gear for longer life
• Multi-position dump latch
• Oversized dump wheel with handle grip, for easier control while discharging material
• Cast iron Pinion Tilting
• 3 x 2 square steel Yoke supporting the drum
• No Extra Cost, heavy duty retractable schedule 80 tow tongue (hitch) Available with 2” ball or pintle hitch
• Heavy Duty Safety Chain
• Reinforced A-Frame with 4 Gusset for Better Stability
• Axle springs for less bounce, less sway Standard in 9 & 12 cu. ft. Available I 7 cu. ft.
• High speed hubs & Wheels
• Heavy Duty steel hood latch rather than rubber
• Powered with Reliable HONDA engine or electric motor
• Rugged 14-gauge steel engine shroud efficiently ventilated


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