TK CM7-GH8 7 Cu. Ft. Concrete Mixer With 8HP Honda GX240 Gas Engine Plus Free Tow Poles


TK Equipment has been a concrete and mortar mixers leading manufacturer founded in 1960. Family owned, customer service driven culture and team work are our core values that have been the essence of our success. Our versatile and complete equipment line contains all the necessary in the concrete business.

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FINDING THE RIGHT MIXER Before purchasing a mixer, the biggest consideration a mason contractor should weigh is whether they want to invest in performance, durability and options that are available with a quality mixer. One of the most important considerations is not only the durability of the components and parts of the mortar mixer, but also the availability of replacement parts. Replacement parts can be found easily for most mixers on the market, but to prevent too many work stoppages, look for quality components. This will help in determining the general cost of ownership. Another really imports aspects before buying a new mixer is the durability and efficacy of the paddles and drums. Short deep drums are more efficient than long, shallow drums because the paddles don't have to move the material as far. Determine the drum capacity and power required. Ask for metal drums thick, and mixers unique features against competitors. Following the industry trends it is a factor to consider when buying new equipment, in the past years this trend includes the hydraulic mixers, which are more expensive than belt drive and/or gearbox drive mixers, and generally are employed by bigger contracting companies that need to mix larger loads. Additionally, these machines can operate in reverse to unplug mixes, less maintenance and less worn parts to replace.



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