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JLG Industries, Inc. is one of the most trusted names in access equipment, but even the best machines require maintenance and upgrades now and then. If you need replacement parts for a JLG lift, Discount Equipment has you covered. We are an experienced JLG OEM parts dealer with a wide selection of items, all available for the lowest prices you are likely to find anywhere.

“Is there a JLG parts dealer near me,” you ask? Doesn’t matter—Discount Equipment can have parts drop-shipped to any location in the country in a matter of days. We know JLG parts and machines like the backs of our hands, so you will be sure to receive the exact part you need to get your equipment up and running again. Enter your machine’s brand, model, and serial number into the search form below to find the right part, or fill out our Parts Request Form.

JLG Lift Parts Available From Discount Equipment

Our selection includes JLG lift parts, with manuals, from a variety of different machines. You can order OEM parts for the following JLG equipment:
Articulating Boom Lifts: aerial platforms with joints for greater maneuverability
Telescopic Boom Lifts: aerial platforms on booms that extend in a straight line
Towable Lifts: lifts with wheels and a hitch that can be easily towed behind a vehicle
Electric/Hybrid Boom Lifts: energy-efficient lifts that run on either battery power or a combination of battery power and diesel fuel
Personal Lifts: smaller aerial platforms meant for one person at a time
Vertical Lifts: lifts that extend straight up, providing a safer alternative to ladders
Forklifts: vehicle designed to transport heavy objects around construction sites and warehouses
Stock Pickers: machines used to retrieve and carry heavy items in warehouses
Scissor Lifts

Why Order JLG Parts From Discount Equipment?

Discount Equipment is an authorized distributor for JLG OEM parts—the brand trusts us to take care of their customers with the same dedication and eye for quality they have built their name on. We have established a great business relationship with JLG over the years, enabling us to source all of the parts our customers need for lower-than-average prices.

You will not need a JLG parts dealer locator when you order from Discount Equipment. No matter where you are located within the United States, we will deliver your parts post-haste so you lose as little business as possible while your machines are down for service.

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