JLG Towable Lift Parts

If you’re looking for replacement parts for a JLG towable boom lift, look no further. As an authorized distributor for JLG OEM parts, Discount Equipment offers the best selection and prices in the industry. You will find exactly the part you need right here.

Available JLG Towable Boom Lift Parts

The following models of JLG towable boom lift parts are currently available from Discount Equipment:
20DVL, 9MP, 10VP, 15VP, 20VP, 12ELSP, 15ELSP, 12SP, 15AMI, 19AMI, 15BD, 19BD, 15DVL, 15DVSP, 20DVSP, 15ELI, 15MVL, 20MVL, 15VPSP, 20AM, 25AM, 30AM, 36AM, 41AM, 20EL, 25EL, 30EL, 36EL, 41EL, AM19, AM24, AM30, AM36, EcoLift 50 Personal Lift, EcoLift 70 Personal Lift, 830P, Load Sensing System Vertical Mast Lift, SSV10, FS80, FS60, 19AMI-DC, 20AM-DC, 25AM-DC, 30AM-DC, 36AM-DC, 41AM-DC, 15MVL, 20MVL, 1230ES, 20AM-AC, 25AM-AC, 30AM-AC, 36AM-AC, 41AM-AC, FT70, FT140, FT LiftPod Combo Pack Vertical Lift, 38AM, Toucan 20E Vertical Mast Boom Lift, Toucan 26E Vertical Mast Boom Lift, Toucan 32E Vertical Mast Boom Lift and more.

Discount Equipment sells genuine OEM JLG towable boom lift parts.

To find the JLG towable boom lift part you’re looking for, enter your machine’s brand and model. Please provide the serial number and any other information you have to help narrow the search.

We are constantly adding new parts to our online selection. If you don’t see the part you need, please fill out our Parts Order Form so we can request it from the manufacturer. If you don’t know the model or serial number, attach photos of your towable boom lift and we’ll do our best to identify the right parts.

What Is a Towable Boom Lift?

Towable boom lifts are known by many other names, such as cherry picker, man lift, basket crane, hydra-ladder, towable aerial lift, and towable lift. The primary difference between this type of lift and its cousins is just what you’d expect from the name: it can be towed. With two wheels and a hitch, you can pull the machine behind a vehicle to transport it, helping you save on transportation costs when you take your lift to new sites.

The base of a towable lift is raised by spider-like legs to keep the wheels from touching the ground while in use. There is a basket or platform at the end of the machine’s hydraulic arm, allowing workers and/or supplies to reach otherwise inaccessible areas.

Why Order Parts From Discount Equipment?

With more than 30 years in the industry, the team members at Discount Equipment are the most knowledgeable and experienced OEM parts providers in the business. We can help you find exactly the JLG towable boom lift parts and other pieces of equipment you’re looking for—it is extremely rare for a customer to send back a part due to a misorder. Other online parts retailers simply don’t have the vast selection, great prices, or expertise that we do.

The strong working relationship we’ve developed with JLG over the years has earned us “authorized distributor” status. JLG trusts us to uphold their brand’s great reputation and find their customers the quality parts they need. We conduct business with JLG in such high volumes that they’re willing to give us discounts on many of their items, which is how we’re able to offer JLG towable boom lift parts for lower-than-average prices.

When you’re ready to buy a part for your JLG towable boom lift, just fill out a request form. We’ll order the part from JLG and have it drop-shipped to the location of your choice. In no time at all, you’ll have the part you need without any fuss. If you’d like to know more about purchasing and shipping processes, refer to our Terms and Conditions page.

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