JLG Electric & Hybrid Boom Lift Parts

If you’re looking for replacement parts for a JLG electric lift or hybrid boom lift, Discount Equipment is ready to take care of you. We have the best prices and the best selection of parts for all kinds of machines, and because we’re an authorized JLG distributor, you can count on receiving quality products every time.

Available JLG Electric & Hybrid Boom Lift Parts

The following models of JLG electric & hybrid boom lift parts are currently available from Discount Equipment:
X13J, X14J, X15J, X17J, X20J, X26J, X33J, H340AJ, E300, E400, E450, H800AJ, E600, M600, T8E, Toucan 8E-L, T10E, Toucan T12E, T12E, Toucan T12E, H600SJ, H340AJ, H800AJ, Workstation in The Sky Boom Lifts, X13JP/1, X370AJ/1, X14J/2, X14J/3, X390AJ/2, X390AJ/3, X15JP, X430AJ, X17J/3, X17J/4, X17JP/2, X17JP/3, X500AJ, X500AJ/3, X19J/3, X19J/2, X19JA/2, X550AJ/2, X550AJ/3, X20JP/1, X20JP/2, X600AJ, X600AJ/2, X23J/2, X23JA/2, X23J/3, X700AJ/2, X700AJ/3, X26JP/3, X770AJ, X33JP, X1000AJ, Toucan 20E Vertical Mast Boom Lift, Toucan 26E Vertical Mast Boom Lift, Toucan 32E Vertical Mast Boom Lift and more.

Discount Equipment sells genuine OEM JLG Electric & Hybrid Boom Lift parts.

To find the JLG electric or hybrid boom lift part you’re looking for, enter your machine’s brand and model. Please provide the serial number and any other information you have to help narrow the search.

We are constantly adding new parts to our online selection. If you don’t see the part you need, please fill out our Parts Order Form so we can request it from the manufacturer. If you don’t know the model or serial number, attach photos of your electric or hybrid boom lift and we’ll do our best to identify the right parts.

What Is an Electric or Hybrid Boom Lift?

Boom lifts are aerial work platforms used at construction and industrial sites to help workers reach distant places and carry heavy or awkward objects. Electric boom lifts are typically battery powered, while hybrid boom lifts run on both diesel and batteries. Some of the models in JLG’s line of electric and hybrid boom lifts even charge continuously. Both of these types of boom lift are compact and highly maneuverable, allowing for increased accessibility in tough situations.

Due to their more sustainable energy sources, JLG's electric and hybrid boom lifts are environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. Any lift model can be a hybrid or run on battery power, so you won’t have to sacrifice functionality for sustainability.

Why Order Parts From Discount Equipment?

A veteran in the field with more than 30 years’ worth of knowledge of the machine parts we sell, Discount Equipment is the go-to retailer for OEM parts. Despite our huge selection, we have no trouble zeroing in on the specific parts our customers are looking for every time.

We owe part of our success and longevity to the working relationships we’ve built with manufacturers over the years. We’re honored to have received authorized distributor status from JLG—a sign that the company trusts us to take care of their customers as well as they would themselves. We do so much business with JLG that they sell us their parts for discounted prices, and we pass those discounts on to our own customers in turn.

Here’s a quick look at what happens when you order a JLG electric or hybrid boom lift part from Discount Equipment:
1. You request the part.
2. We order the part from JLG.
3. We drop ship the part directly to your location.

You won’t have to wait long for your parts to arrive—we ship in a timely, efficient manner. To get started, enter your machine’s information below or use our Parts Order Form. For more information about our purchasing and shipping processes, please refer to our Terms and Conditions page.

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