National Flooring 5700DL Scraper, Ride-On, 110 Volt, Dual Lift


National Flooring 5700DL Scraper, Ride-On, 110 Volt, Dual Lift

5700 is available with Dual Lift. The Dual Lift feature
adds operator controls for adjusting blade pitch and angle while remaining seated.


A. Automatic kill switch is triggered when the operator seat is vacant

B. Larger/deepened forklift pockets

C. E-stop knob for safety

D. Debris deflector protects machine from loose material


E. Ergonomic design includes movable foot pegs, taller handles, and an adjustable seat

F. Hinged hood system for easy access maintenance


G. Precise hydraulic steering for maneuvering in tight spaces, zero turn radius

H. Quick-change swivel head blade holder

I. Optional dual-lift, hydraulic slide plate adjusts blade pitch and angle for continuous contact with the floor

J. Nonmarking tires

K. Twelve AGM 180-amp hour batteries provide 100 percent power, speed,and torque for 90 percent of the batteries’ run cycle

L. Compact design fits through standard door frames and elevator doors

M. Front caster wheels allow increased maneuverability in tight spaces

N. LED light for increased visibility


• 5110-100: Transport Wheels

• 402929: 3/4 x 1-1/8 Wrench

• 73507-1: 7 ft extension cord

• Operating and Service Manuals

• Kit 5175 includes:
- 6277-BU: 45 degree, 3" x 12" self-scoring, bevel up
- 6284: 3" x 12" heavy-duty blade
- 6285: 3" x 6" heavy-duty blade
- 6286: 3" x 12" heavy-duty blade
- 7050-12: 12" cutting head
- 7050-6: 6" cutting head
- 7079-2: 2" x 6" angle shank w/ carbide tip

• One-year manufacturer's warranty on parts
and labor


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