National Flooring 8000 Scraper, Ride-On, Propane, XL


National Flooring 8000 Scraper, Ride-On, Propane, XL

A. Automatic kill switch is triggered when the operator seat is vacant

B. Larger/deepened forklift pockets

C. Liquid-cooled Kawasaki engine is re-engineered with National's exclusive catalytic design for the industry's lowest emissions

D. Front debris deflector protects machine from loose material

E. Ergonomic design includes movable foot pegs, taller handles, and an adjustable seat that allows for optimal operator comfort and the best possible line of sight

F. Hinged hood system for easy-access maintenance

G. Precise hydraulic steering for maneuvering in tight spaces, zero turn radius, and continuous torque for higher removal rates and greater productivity

H. Quick-change swivel head blade holder

I. Dual-lift, hydraulic slide plate adjusts blade pitch and angle for continuous contact with the floor; standard on every 8000; this also adds on additional 150+ pounds
of down pressure on the cutting head

J. 21-inch nonmarking tires

K. Compact design fits through standard door frames and elevator doors

L. Hydraulic brake system automatically engages when the machine is in the off position

M. Front caster wheels allow increased maneuverability in tight spaces

N. Improved exhaust system meets federal OSHA regulations

O. LED light for increased visibility on the jobsite
ManufacturerNational Flooring Equipment
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