Bil-Jax 0051-080 Heavy Duty Steel Shoring Post 4’ 0” Closed and 6’ 10” with a capacity of 60


When ordering your scaffolding there is a few things you need to check before ordering. You need to check the size of you scaffolding you already have and also the type of lock your scaffolding is using. This will determine what you need to order to be compatible with what you currently have.

There are 3 sizes of Scaffold that we commonly deal with.

5 = 1-1/2" Leg O.D.

6 = 1-5/8" Leg O.D.

7 = 1-11/16" Leg O.D.

There is currently 8 different Locks that are used.

1 = J-Lock with Notched Braces

2 = C-Lock with Holed Braces

3 = B-Lock with Holed Braces

4 = T-Lock with Holed Braces

5 = F-Lock with Holed Braces

6 = B & T Lock with Holed Braces

7 = B & F Lock with Holed Braces

8 = U-Lock with Holed Braces



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