Nifty Lift TD34TN Track Drive Lift Rental 40' Reach 30" Wide Diesel / Electric


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•Working Height: 40ft
•Platform Height: 33ft 6in
•Machine Length: 13ft
•Retracted Width: 2ft 6in
•Travel Speed: 1.0mph
•Min Weight: 3,900lbs
•Safe Working Load: 265lbs Opt.440lbs
•Working Outreach: 20ft
•Machine Height: 6ft 3in
•Machine Width: 3ft 9in
•Working Width: 9ft 10in outiggers down
•Gradeability: 60% (31º)
•Basket Size: 2ft 6in x 2ft 2in
•Engine: Diesel
•Fuel Tank: 3.9 gals
•Electric Operation for inside Plug in to work boom once at place.
ManufacturerNifty Lift
Equipment LocationShip From Factory
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