Wood Chipper Rental 6" 27 HP Gas (Morbark Beever M6R) WC06


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•Top feed wheel compression system with 23 ci. hydraulic motor generates 2,021lb/ft of pulling force.
•Compact, portable, lightweight design
•Minimal moving components
•Economical and affordable
•Ideal unit for: Rental yards, landscapers, golf courses, pruning crews, orchard maintenance and homeowners
•Direct drive
•Exclusive hydraulic drum braking system
•Automatic feed system
•2-knife machined chipping rotor
•180° silo swivel discharge system with adjustable chip deflector
•Single (top) feed wheel compression system with spring assisted down pressure
•2 7/16” diameter removable drum shaft
•Folding infeed tray
Additional Features
•Swing-Away front jack
•Fuel and hydraulic tank sight gauges
•Fuel and hydraulic tank shut-offs
•Dual safety pull cables
Equipment LocationWest Palm Beach, Orlando, Tampa
For questions or assistance, please call or click for directions,
(Florida Rentals)
Rental Rates
Day Rate: (24 consecutive hours & 8 hours of use on Metered Items)Click for Quote
Weekend Rate: (Friday after 3PM to 9AM Monday rental period 8 hours of use on Metered Items)Click for Quote
Week Rate: (7 consecutive days & 40 hours of use on Metered Items)Click for Quote
4-Week Rate: (28 consecutive days & 160 hours of use on Metered Items)Click for Quote
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