(Bio-Diesel) Fuel Distribution Trailer, 1,000 Gallon Single Wall Dbl Baffle


Trailered tanker for Bio-Diesel.

  • Custom-built 1,000 gallon, single wall diesel fuel trailer.
  • 6,000 pound axles - 12,000 GVW
  • Electric Brakes
  • Weather-tight battery box
  • 1000 gallon single wall tank with two baffles
  • 1" pneumatic double diaphragm pump
  • Hose reel assembly with 3/4" x 100' delivery hose and hose stop.
  • 1/2" filter-regulator combo
  • 1" reversing valve
  • Pump suction tube assembly with 3" jumper hose
  • 1" Y-strainer assembly


Bio-diesel is a clean burning alternative fuel produced from vegetable oils and animal fats. Its use helps reduce tail pipe emissions from diesel motor vehicles. Also, because many of the oil feedstock plants are grown right here in the United States, the consumer can rest assured that their fuel money stays here in America, rather than going overseas.

Biodiesel contains no petroleum; in fact, bio-diesel always refers to the pure fuel. It is designated as B100, the number reflecting the percentage of the bio-component of the fuel.

Bio-diesel can be blended at any level with petroleum diesel to create a bio-diesel blend. Bio-diesel blends, or BXX, refers to a fuel that is composed of a fixed percentage of bio-diesel blended into conventional petroleum-based diesel fuel. B5, for example, is 5% bio-diesel blended with 95% petroleum diesel; B20 is 20% bio-diesel blended with 80% petroleum diesel.

Bio-heat is used to refer to a B2 to B5 blend used for home heating oil. That’s 2% to 5% bio-diesel blended with 98% – 95% No. 2 fuel oil.

Bio-diesel is biodegradable, non-toxic, contains no sulfur, and its fuel efficiency is the same as diesel or No. 2 oil. Bio-diesel can be used in a compression-ignition (diesel) engine with no major modifications. Fuel grade biodiesel is produced to strict industry standards. ASTM D-6751 provides the standards to ensure good fuel quality. This standard ensures that bio-diesel has the fuel properties for safe operation in a compression ignition engine and ensures that poor processing has not contaminated the fuel with other products that would create engine damage.

Bio-diesel is available nationwide. It can be purchased directly from bio-diesel producers and marketers, as well as petroleum distributors throughout the nation.

Bio-diesel can be stored in standard Discount Equipment Tank steel storage tanks. Our diversified product line for bio-diesel storage includes:



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