Sewer Snake Rental Electric 1/2" x 50' (Electric Eel Model E) SE50


Model E-AF (Standard Kit # EK-R-1/2IC50-AF)
• Cleans 1¼”- 3” Lines Up to 50 Ft.
• Runs 3/8”and 1/2” Dia. Cable.
• 2-Way Auto Cable Feed Advances and
Retrieves Cable with the Push of a Lever.
• Cable Guide Spring Keeps Hands Off
Rotating Cable and Work Area Clean.
• Inner Drum Eliminates Cable Buckling
in Cage.
• Built-in Drum Shaft Slip Clutch.
• Steel Guide Tube/Inner Drum.
• 1/2”x 50 Ft. Cable Standard.
ManufacturerElectri Eel
ModelModel E
Equipment LocationWest Palm Beach, Orlando, Tampa
For questions or assistance, please call or click for directions,
(Florida Rentals)
Rental Rates
Day Rate: (24 consecutive hours & 8 hours of use on Metered Items)$40.00
Weekend Rate: (Friday after 3PM to 9AM Monday rental period 8 hours of use on Metered Items)$40.00
Week Rate: (7 consecutive days & 40 hours of use on Metered Items)$120.00
4-Week Rate: (28 consecutive days & 160 hours of use on Metered Items)$300.00

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