Concrete Grinder Rental Gas Double Disc (2GC6-11H Edco) C5GG


•EDCO Grinders - Proven in over 50 years of use. Accept no substitute!
•11" Working width will grind approximately 200-250 sq. ft. per hour at 1/32" with EDCO Dyma-Serts
•Round shroud gets tight against walls
•Easy-rolling 10" steel-core, rubber wheels
•Lifting eye for easy loading and unloading
•Includes 1 multi-accessory discs, which accept Dyma-Serts, Strip-Serts and all other grinder accessories
•3 grinding accessories required per loading
•2" Vacuum port and water port
•25ft. Power cord attached with cord hanger
•Accessory Toolbox tray
•Side-mounted lifting handles
•Easy access to grease fittings
•30lb. weight pack standard
•Rugged and easy to maintain
Ideal for:
•Areas less than 1,500 square feet
•Residential applications
•Grinding concrete
•Repairing damaged concrete slabs
•Removing urethanes or epoxy thin-coats
•Leveling high spots or surface imperfections
•Smoothing rough surfaces, rain marks or trowel marks
•Removing mastics, thin-sets, paint build-ups, resins and more
Equipment LocationWest Palm Beach, Orlando, Tampa
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Rental Rates
Day Rate: (24 consecutive hours & 8 hours of use on Metered Items)$125.00
Weekend Rate: (Friday after 3PM to 9AM Monday rental period 8 hours of use on Metered Items)$250.00
Week Rate: (7 consecutive days & 40 hours of use on Metered Items)$375.00
4-Week Rate: (28 consecutive days & 160 hours of use on Metered Items)$750.00

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