Concrete Grinder Rental Gas Double Disc (2GC6-11H Edco) C5GG

Operating Information

2EC/2GC - Dual-Disc Grinder

How to Load Multi-Accessory Disc

Properly loading the accessories is important. Improper loading can cause damage to the accessories.
  • Do not attempt to grind the concrete with the multi-accessory disc. A clear indication that a customer has done this is when a gray/silver mark on the concrete surface is noticed.
  • Use provided wedges when loading the accessories. When loading the wedges, they must be between the accessory and the inner wall of the disc.

Dyma-Serts can be loaded in either direction. However it is very important that after a day’s rental that the Dyma-Serts be flipped 180 degrees and then re-inserted. Failure to do so will result in uneven wear of the Dyma-Serts.

Strip-Serts must be inserted one way and one way only. The spring end of the inserts or the open end of the Strip-Sert must be pointed towards the center of the disc. The sharp end of the Strip-Serts should be facing the open end of the disc.

All other accessories can be loaded in either direction. (i.e. grinding stones, scarifier assemblies & wire brushes).

How To Grind Concrete

Start Up

Before starting, push down on the handle just enough to release pressure from the grinding disc. Do not lift the disc from the slab surface. The slight weight shift will aid the motor in reaching operating speed without an excessive start-up current draw.

To start the motor, switch to the "Start" position in the motor starter box. Once the motor reaches operational speed, allow the grinder to settledown to the slab and begin grinding.

Grinder Wheel Carriage Positioning
The grinder has two wheel positions — one for grinding and one for transport. When the wheels are in the forward most position, this is the transport mode. Do not grind in this position. Grinding in this position will cause damage to the accessories. Grind only with wheels in the rear position.

  • The grinder should always be moved in a side to side motion when grinding. By doing so, you eliminate many of the swirl marks that are created.
  • Weight helps with the grinding process as it allows the accessories better contact with the surface. The single-disc grinder’s max weight is 50 lbs for the electric model and 100 lbs. for the gasoline model. The dual-disc grinder’s max weight is 100 lbs for the electric model and 200 lbs. for the gasoline model.
  • The grinder is designed for wet or dry grinding.
  • Dry grinding is preferable because the accessories constantly are in contact with the surface.
  • EDCO grinders are equipped (standard) with a 2" or 3" vacuum port (depending on the model). Always use a high volume industrial vacuum with a grinder to control the large volume of airborne dust when grinding dry.
  • When wet grinding, water is only needed to control dust and does not act as a coolant. Lightly dampen the floor or use a fine mist to control dust. Excess water will only create clean up problems.

- EDCO Concrete Floor Grinder Demonstration Video

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