Walk Behind Saw Rental 18" Self Propelled Propane (Edco SS18) CS18

Operating Information

(For Complete Operating Instructions, Please See Download Resources: Operation Manual.)

How to Operate a Concrete/Asphalt Saw
Saw Operation

  • If wet cutting, make sure you have an adequate supply of water.
  • If saw is equipped with a self-propelling drive, make sure forward/reverse speed control is in neutral before engaging drive.
  • When maneuvering saw make sure the blade is raised high enough so it does not strike the ground. Blade damage may occur if blade strikes the ground while maneuvering.
  • Do not maneuver machine on inclined surfaces with self-propelling drive disengaged, or by lifting drive wheels from ground. Loss of braking control provided by the drive will permit the machine to freewheel down incline.
  • Lower the blade slowly into the material being cut. Do not allow the blade to drop onto the pavement surface, blade damage will result.
  • Use the depth-stop provided on saw. Do not allow flanges or belts to rub on or contact the material surface.
  • Whether saw is self-propelled or a push model, do not force blade while cutting. Use proper forward speed and allow the blade to cut and not climb out of the cut or stall in the cut.
  • Always cut in a straight line. Do not force saw off straight line as blade warpage or breakage may result.

If blade stalls in the cut and stops power source.

  • Raise blade completely out of the cut.
  • Check blade flanges and nut/bolt, to be sure they are tight.
  • Remove/open guard and secure.

Stopping the Saw
  • Stop forward machine travel.
  • Raise blade clear of cut.
  • Turn off water.
  • Return power source to low idle and allow to cool.
  • Shut off power source.
  • Do not leave machine until blade has completely stopped.
  • Make sure you chock wheels to prevent machine from rolling.


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