Rice Hydro 3B-PRESSURED Presssure 20 gallon Feed Tank


Customize your Hydrostatic Test Pump with Accessories…
All RICE hydrostatic test pumps can be customized with accessories to increase the value and use of your unit. Wheel and Handle Kits make portability a breeze, while saving time and minimizing liability costs due to improper lifting. Pressure Feed Tanks eliminate the need for hauling a 55-gallon drum from test site to test site. Pressure Feed Tanks save time, labor, repair, and maintenance costs.

Simple and "Fool Proof" - describes the unique pressure feed tank accessories. Available in 20 or 40 gallon tank sizes, this heavy duty polypropylene tank allows the pressure feeding of diaphragm pumps, normally requiring suction or gravity feed only. There is an on/off float valve for water level control, and a chemical additive opening on the top of the tank for easy chlorination or other chemical treatment of the test environment. All diaphragm models are tank ready and this accessory can be added at any time!

Portable "Back Saver" - the wheel and handle kit instantly makes your test pump truly portable and easy to maneuver, saving you time, labor, maintenance, and repair. The new "NO FLAT" tires are made of polyurethane foam with open and closed air cells, creating a tire 2 times stronger than rubber, yet soft enough to provide bounce and absorb vibration. All small (RI-6), standard (RI-8), and extra large (RI-10) framed units are wheel kit ready and this accessory can be added at any time!



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