Menegotti 40011160 Concrete Mixer 11 Cu. Ft. Honda 5.5HP GX160 Steel Drum

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Quick and easy maintenance. Segmented ring gear in six interchangeable pieces, allowing better adjustment against the pinion and economy on the replacement of the gear.

Gravity center balanced with the chassis, assuring more efficiency and less engine efforts.

Reinforcements on the chassis and yoke arm, increasing the resistance for impacts and allowing the operation on uneven grounds.

Reinforced drum base, with 6,35 mm thick steel plate.

Better design of drum, allowing higher production capacity (1½ bags of cement)

Efficient paddles design, improving the quality of the mix.

It is equipment planned for varied production capacity, handling small and large works. Ideal for use of self-employed professionals and cement artifact companies. The concrete mixer 400 liters is made of a drum with steel plate 2.0 mm thick, electrostatic paint highly resistant to bad weather, components in highly resistant FC200 cast iron, reducer composed of a gear with internal steel tooth, rack segmented into 6 parts, handwheel with force reducing system and pulley with 5 arms.


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