Miller MC650 Curb Machine,Solid Auger 8", Honda 13HP (05-13HE-650-08SS)


  • Interchangeable bolt on 5", 6", 8" and 10" auger assemblies provide the largest range of curb sizes available on any extrusion machine
  • Heavy duty, automatic centrifugal clutch driving 8:1 speed reducer
  • Safety torque arm protects against damage to engine, clutch and speed reducer
  • Telescoping adjustable wheel assemblies
  • Extrudes either concrete or asphalt
  • Right or left-hand extrusion
  • Places curb to within one inch of obstacle
  • Two-piece 5½ and 6½ cast augers provide four wear ends, doubling the useful life of the auger
  • The engine cover, easily removable, protects the engine and the clutch from spillage
  • 40" Steering handle with brake
  • Backed by Miller’s exclusive 6-year warranty
  • Over 1400 different curbform designs
  • Extra large 6.1 cu ft hopper
  • Model MC655 allows for placing curb underneath existing guard rail
Miller MC Curbilders™have offered unequaled performance and versatility for over 40 years.These simple and efficient machines continue to provide the most economical method available of placing free standing, high-density extruded curb from either concrete or asphalt. Miller’s exclusive, interchangeable extrusion auger assemblies give each Curbilder the capability to extrude more shapes and sizes than any other machine, from a 3" high speed bump to an 18" barrier curb.Features like fully adjustable wheel assemblies and tie rod steering minimize site condition problems. Other features reduce the skill level required to produce high quality curb.Included are an automatic centrifugal clutch, which guarantees smooth starts and proper auger rpm for optimum compaction, and a unique torque-sensing system that automatically disengages the machine’s drive in case of overload.Maintenance and clean-up are simplified through easy access and removal of all extrusion components -hopper, auger, housing and compaction tube. A wide variety of optional equipment gives these machines the capability to meet the toughest specification work, including extruding reinforcing rod in the curb, extruding over pins, and extruding under existing guard rail. However, please call Customer Service at 561-964-4949 with your specific job requirements to ensure that a MC Series Curbilder is the correct machine for your job. MC655 Curbilder for extruding curb under existing guardrails



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