Sand Blaster Rental 6.5 cu. ft. S-Series Marco1065002 SP60


•Heavy-Duty Blast Pot Handle Permanently attached handle for ease of moving
•Durable powder-coat finish Protects against harsh environments
•150 PSI working pressure Built to handle higher working pressure for increased productivity
•31" Width Easily fits through doorways
•16" Wheels Durable solid rubber tire and rim set
•4-Point Base Increases stability and contact with work surface
•4" Fill Port for quick and easy loading of abrasives
•Lifting Lugs Easily move blast pot with mechanical lifting devices
•Low Loading Height For easy loading of abrasives
•Large 6" x 8" Inspection Door Allows for easy maintenance, clean out, and repair
•90° Cone Bottom Offers a more consistent and smooth abrasive flow than a dish bottom
•Extractor Moisture Separator (optional) High moisture separation efficiency in a rugged construction
•Cast Aluminum Muffler – Marco Exclusive Offers a durable solution for reducing noise and preventing particles from freely exiting the blast pot
•Combination of the Tandem Inlet/Outlet Valve and the Bantam Metering Valve Reduced Maintenance Time – the Bantam Valve has a small number of components which allow it to be quickly and easily disassembled and repaired The Tandem valve offers simplified maintenance in a compact design
•Rear Mounted Valves and Pipe Stream Provides a compact width which easily fits through standard doorways
•The Bantam Metering Valve/Tandem Valve configuration is easy to operate and maintain, reducing down time. The Bantam Metering Valve precisely meters all abrasives, from fine mesh aluminum oxide to steel shot or grit. The Tandem Valve is an all-in-one valve for the activation and deactivation of the blast machine.
Equipment LocationWest Palm Beach, Orlando, Tampa
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