Sandblaster Rental 6 cu. ft. (Clemco Model 2452) SP60


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Requirements for Operation These items are required but not included with this equipment:
•Clean, dry, compressed air of sufficient volume to maintain desired pressure at the nozzle. Refer to Air Consumption Chart in Blast Off 2 booklet (publication stock no. 09294).
•Minimum of 50 psi needed to close the pop-up valve and pressurize the blast machine.
•OSHA-required remote control system that interrupts blasting if operator should lose control of the nozzle when blast machine is pressurized.
•NIOSH-approved, type CE, supplied-air respirator.
•Grade D breathing-air supply as defined by Compressed Gas Association Commodity Specification: G-7.1 (Refer to
•Abrasive blast media specifically marketed for abrasive blasting and appropriate for your application.
•Appropriate blast suit, work boots, hearing and eye protection.
Description of Operation
The operator controls blasting from a remote control handle at the nozzle. Pressing the handle starts blasting; releasing it stops blasting. The blast machine contains abrasive and meters it into the compressed air stream.
•Yard portable, industrial-quality blast machines manufactured to ASME code.
•1-1/4-inch piping allows up to 50 percent more air flow when compared with 1-inch piping.
•Industrial-quality valves, piping and fittings designed to maximize air flow and minimize energy required to operate the system.
•FSV abrasive metering valve maintains smooth, consistent, adjustable media flow. Model 2443 Lo-Pot has a LPV abrasive metering valve.
Equipment LocationWest Palm Beach, Orlando, Tampa
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