Magnet Roofer MK25ST Roofer Magnet / Parking Lot Rental (Magnet - Katcher RM25


•Specifically designed for the roofing industry, this magnet is built tough to withstand rough treatment.
•Reduces your liability exposure and saves time by picking up nails quickly and efficiently from the job area.
•The 48" handle breaks down for easy storage and transporting.
•Adjustable sweeping height.
•7" ball bearing wheels.
•Removable wheels and handle allow magnet to be suspended from a vehicle bumper, tow motor, commercial sweeper, etc.
•Easy to clean with a gloved hand or scraper.
•Toe release stripper plate available.
•Standard sweeping widths of 25" and 37".
ManufacturerMetal Katcher Co.
Equipment LocationWest Palm Beach, Orlando, Tampa
For questions or assistance, please call or click for directions,
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Rental Rates
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4-Week Rate: (28 consecutive days & 160 hours of use on Metered Items)Click for Quote
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