Walk Behind Saw Rental 11HP (14") CS14


•Heavy-duty removeable steel handle bars are finished in corrosion resistant plating.
•Precision Blade Depth Control Positive locking, screw feed design provides precise blade depth control.
•Quick Cleaning Engine/Belt guard is easily removed for quick cleaning and maintenance.
•Reduced Splash Thick rubber flaps on the rear of the saw and behind the blade guard reduce splash.
•Industrial rubber wheels.
•Increased Flexibility
•Hinged blade guard mounts on either side of the saw for increased flexibility.
•Superior Strength Tubular roll bar protects the engine, allows for easy lifting of the saw and increases overall frame integrity.
•Features Conviently placed water control valve. Large belt guard for added safety. Powered by the GX340 11 HP Honda engine, featuring low oil alert and cyclone filter.
•Heavy duty adjustable guide. Engine mounted over the blade for improved tracking and stability.
Equipment LocationWest Palm Beach, Orlando, Tampa
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Rental Rates
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Week Rate: (7 consecutive days & 40 hours of use on Metered Items)Click for Quote
4-Week Rate: (28 consecutive days & 160 hours of use on Metered Items)Click for Quote
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