Crown 12SH-E5/3 Mortar Plaster Stucco Mixer 12 cu.ft. Hydraulic W/ 5 HP 3 Phase Electric - 609541


Crown 12SH-E5/3 Mortar Plaster Stucco Mixer 12 cu.ft. Hydraulic W/ 5 HP 3 Phase Electric - 609541.
Price includes the tow pole

1 Crown uses the heaviest solid steel paddle shaft in the industry. Crown’s ductile iron paddles are stronger than welded steel making then the industry’s most durable. 2″ solid steel paddle shaft.

2 Heavy duty spiral mixing blades available for a 30% faster mix!

3 Crown’s 3/8” end plates are up to 80% thicker than the competition.

4 Lifetime warranty on drum bearings.

5 Crown’s rugged tow pole is retractable or removable and easily stows away when not in use for safer operation.+

6 Crown’s newly redesigned frame means improved durability and stronger support where you need it. The standard raised frame construction allows for convenient dumping to a wheel –barrow.

7 Heavy duty 1/4″ abrasion resistant steel wrap 20% thicker than the competition.

8 Crown’s innovative rubber torsion suspension system provides the smoothest towing and handling.

9 All towable models come standard with high speed taper roller bearings and heavy duty axles for years of trouble free towing.

10 Drive and dump controls conveniently placed.

11 Sturdy vented engine housing comes standard with a swing-away hood, providing easy engine access. Swing-away hood is thicker at 12 USG.

12 Every detail counts, like our two-piece safety grill which is stronger, safer and easier to use than a one-piece grill, and will not damage the drum.

Crown's Exclusive Gear Box
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