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Powerblanket is the leader in Total Temperature Control, solving problems across many industries all over the world. Powerblanket started in 2005 as a solution to extend the concrete pouring season through the cold Utah winters and is now the leading manufacturer of high quality heating blankets and wraps, temperature controllers, industrial process chillers, and process cooling solutions.

Customers around the globe rely on Powerblanket's custom heating wraps and blankets to keep manufacturing processes running, barrel and drum heaters to protect sensitive materials, and concrete curing heating blankets to extend cement pouring capabilities through the winter. We can provide solutions to any heating or cooling problem with the best heating and cooling mats on the market.

Powerblanket Ice provides the solution for your process cooling needs. No company or operation is too large or small for Total Temperature Control. Our work with small home and micro brewers has solved their fermentation cooling problems, and our custom cooling solutions have helped countless companies while also helping cold chain packaging and shipping companies keep their freight cool and preserved until it reaches its destination. Our Industrial cooling line in Powerblanket Ice is revolutionizing the way cooling is done with the best quality and custom capabilities on the market.

In addition to heated wraps and blankets, Powerblanket has developed the world's best snow melting heated mat, designed to make any high foot traffic area safer by melting dangerous ice and snow, even in the worst conditions. Our Summerstep heated mats are made with the toughest, highest-quality materials to ensure they will stand up to rigorous use throughout the winter season. From restaurants and hotels and spas to grocery stores, universities and sports venues, The Summerstep snow melting safety mat will reduce your liability from slips and falls and extend the life of your driveways and walkways.

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