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Toro is a global provider of top-quality Stone and Toro plate compactors for the most extensive construction, civil engineering, agricultural, and landscaping projects. As a supplier of the best plate compactors available, Discount Equipment is the first choice among industry leaders to get the equipment they need to complete projects on time. With over 100 years of combined machinery expertise, Discount Equipment's skilled staff will help you find plate compactors you can't find anywhere else.

Discount Equipment is a genuine authority on brand-name equipment and parts. Shop Toro plate compactors, Stone compactors, and other Toro products and request a quote today.

Toro Stone Plate Compactors Available from Discount Equipment

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Stone RP1130 02038 & Ammann AVH5030 Compactor, Reversible 24" Hatz Diesel 9.5 HP 11,240#

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Toro 68025 FP-2200 Forward Plate Compactor 13" GX120

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Toro 68071, RP500 Reversing Plate, 4946LB, 16" wide, GX160 Honda

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Toro 68074 Diesel Reversing Plate, 11690lbs, 24" Wide, Hatz

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Toro 68026 FP-3000 Forward Plate Compactor 20" GX160

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Toro 68027 FP-4000 Forward Plate Compactor 20" GX160

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Toro,68072, RP700, Reversing Plate, 7194lbs, 20" Wide,Gx200 Honda

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Toro 68073 RP-1200 Reversible Plate Compactor 11,690 lbs 24" Wide GX270 Honda

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Toro 68075 Diesel Reversing Plate, 14164 lbs, 30" Wide, Hatz

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Compactor, Reversible - 20", Honda 9 HP, 6,750# (Stone RP652 01729)

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Compactor, Reversible - 24", Honda 9 HP, 8,542# (Stone RP850 01910)

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Compactor, Reversible -16", Honda 4 HP, 5,000# (Stone RP522 01728)

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Compactor, Forward 20" 3500# (Stone SFA3500 02007)

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Compactor, Forward 20" 5100# (Stone SFP5100 02003)

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Stone RP1350 01637 & Ammann AVH6020H Compactor Reversible 28" Hatz Diesel 13.6 HP 13,500#

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What is a Plate Compactor?

Toro and Stone compactors offer two product types: Forward Plate Compactor (Toro models FP-2200, FP-3000, and FP-4000) Reversing Plate/Reversible Plate Compactor models from Toro (RP500, RP700, RP-1200) and Stone (RP652, RP850, RP522)

Here are some essential features to consider when looking to purchase the correct type of Toro or Stone plate compactor: Plate Size/Width: plate widths 24" or 30" provide more compaction area but less ease of handling. Choose the plate size to accommodate workloads Operating Weight: heavy weights over 10,000 lbs. are preferable for breaking up soil. Engine Power: higher HP provides more compaction power. Forward vs. Reversible Plates: reversible plates can travel backward for quicker repositioning Transmission Type: hydrostatic transmissions allow variable speed control Mobility: evaluate the wheel kit and weight options available to facilitate transportation

Why Buy a Toro Plate Compactor from Discount Equipment?

Founded over 30 years ago, Discount Equipment offers hand-picked selections of new and used machinery for concrete, construction, soil movement, aggregate, recycling, and soil stabilization. Our expert team has over 100 years of combined specialist industry knowledge and can help you find the best equipment that fully addresses your needs.

With Discount Equipment, you are guaranteed to get premium products from leading global manufacturers. We also provide financing options, delivery arrangements, and superior end-to-end service and support. Compromising on experience and quality when obtaining Stone plate compactors or Toro plate compactors will waste your money and time. You can always depend on Discount Equipment to exceed your expectations. Contact us today and experience our dedication to customer satisfaction.

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