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United Rotary Brush is the largest municipal, contractor and airport runway sweeper broom manufacturer in North America. This means that the company offers replacement brush and broom options for most of your sweeper and equipment needs. United Rotary Brush - Sweeper Brushes and Sweeper Brooms for Allianz, Athey, Bobcat, Broce, Caterpillar, Ecolotec, Elgin, Global, Gravely, Johnston / Bucher, Laymor, MB, Mobil, Nescon / X Broom, Night Hawk, ODRA, Paladin, RadTech, RAVO, Road Tech, Rosco / LeeBoy, Schwarze, Skavinjer, Stewart Amos, Sunvac, Superior / SB Mfg, Tennant, Tymco, Vacall, Vactor, Vanguard, Victory, Waldon, Wayne and Others.

Are you looking for replacement brooms, brushes, wafers and more for your sweeper? United Rotary Brush products fit many different brands of sweepers and sweeping equipment. Versatile and convenient, United Rotary Brush's company provides products that fit a wide range of sweeper brands and models, making it easier for us to give customers the equipment they need without the hassle. Shop our United Rotary Brush offerings.

If you dont see your equipment listed, let us know by filling out our parts request form here, we have got your Rotary Brush and will cross reference your brand and model to provide a match.

United Rotary Brush Products Available

United Rotary Brush provides sweeper brushes that match many possible needs. These brushes are made with wire and other durable materials based on machine size specifications and requirements. Customers can determine the spacing they need for their broom, or they can contact us to learn more about what is available. Some popular options include the United Rotary Brush Wire Convoluted Wafer 8 1/8 x 26 - 24/box, which fits popular brands like Caterpillar, Sweepster, Bobcat, and others. Another great option is the United Rotary Brush Poly Wafer 6 3/8 x 24 28/box w/Spacers, which fits MB, Broce, and more.

If you aren't able to find a match, we are happy to provide additional assistance by contacting us. Discount Equipment will cross-reference the machine's brand and model to help find an option that works. We pride ourselves on having the full line of United Rotary Brush accessories available, but if there is anything we do not carry, our team will be happy to try and source it for you.

Use these great parts with municipal, contractor, and airport runway brooms. Rather than typical broom bristles, these machine sweepers often use wire, which can be stronger and more effective.

Why Order United Rotary Brush Accessories From Discount Equipment?

On top of great customer service and expert guidance, we also offer a wide and constantly expanding collection of parts and accessories for various manufacturers. And even if we do not have something you need, our helpful team will be sure to try and source it for you. With a long list of distribution centers across the United States, we can get you what you need in a quick and pain-free manner, guaranteed.

For any additional questions, feel free to contact us at any time. We are here to help get you the equipment, parts and accessories you need to make your next project or job a success.

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