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When it comes to managing a construction site, message boards are critical in organizing traffic flow and providing valuable information to drivers. Message boards and arrow boards provide a vital function in traffic control around your site, and keeping these signs up and running is crucial to the safety of your workforce and for getting your project done on time. When your message boards start to malfunction or have trouble performing, it’s time to find the necessary message board parts.

At Discount Equipment, we’ve been working with message board parts for several years, and have a wide variety of OEM parts available to send directly to you. Our wide network of manufacturers helps to ensure that you can quickly receive all the message board parts you need, brand new, and at a discounted price. When you shop at Discount Equipment, you can be confident that the parts you’re ordering are reliable and durable. We care about your machine and deliver only the best in message board parts.

Brands We Carry

When you’re replacing parts on your traffic message board, it’s critical that you get the exact part you need. Here at Discount Equipment, we’re committed to getting you the perfect part, every time. Below are the brands of message board parts we are currently offering. With over 100 years of combined equipment experience on our team, we’ve seen our fair share of message boards and brand-name parts. We trust the brands you see here, and have worked on many projects utilizing their high-quality parts. We stand by our parts at Discount Equipment, so you can be confident you’ll receive a high-quality part every single time.

We carry parts online for the message board brands below. We are constantly expanding our list of message board parts for sale, so please revisit our website regularly to see our new offerings. If we do not carry the manufacturer or have the part you are looking for, just fill out our Parts Order Form and we will source the part for you.

In addition to our selection above, we specialize in sourcing parts just for you. If you don’t see the brand of exact message board parts you require for your project, we’ll do our very best to hunt them down for you. With our expansive network of connections, you can trust us to take the time to source your individual part. Simply fill out our Parts Request Form, and we’ll get back to you and start the search for your part. Commitment to customer service is what truly makes Discount Equipment stand out from all other online part sellers.

Servicing and Repairing Your Message Board

Considering how important message boards are for traffic control, it’s crucial that you know which part of the board requires replacement when it starts to malfunction. Some common replacement message board parts include the battery, cells, grease jacks, and cables. Additional troubleshooting in the control panel may be required after you replace the part. For any questions regarding which message board parts or arrow board parts you need for your sign, don’t hesitate to ask us through our convenient Contact Forms.

Why Order Message Board Parts From Discount Equipment?

When you shop at Discount Equipment for your message board parts, you can be confident that you have an experienced team backing you up. Our staff is dedicated to ensuring that you get the parts you need, quickly and efficiently. Not only do we provide insight into which parts you may need, but we also work hard to source several different specialty parts for our customers. At Discount Equipment, we’re more than just a parts seller. We go above and beyond to ensure that you and your machine are well taken care of.

Instead of a static inventory, Discount Equipment chooses to partner with over 100 vendors to provide you with a rotating selection of different message board parts. We add new parts to our list every day, so no visit to Discount Equipment will be quite like the last! Whether you’re looking for an entire piece of equipment or a tiny detailed part, we’ve got you covered. Our variety and selection of equipment and parts help Discount Equipment stand out from the competition.

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