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Laman drains 10535 520CD 500FD SED511-01 SED522-02 SED522-03 SED522-04 models. Including online ordering for select models. We are a full line Authorized Dealer Distributor for La-Man. Shop for Units & Parts at Discount-Equipment.com

La-Man Drain Options

Weep Drain - Standard

The La-Man WEEP DRAIN or petcock, model #10535, is the standard drain supplied on all our Extractor/Dryer models. This drain is designed to constantly weep a very small amount of air, .16 to .2 CFM at 100 PSI. The drain should always be open in order to allow the extracted moisture to depart the base of the Extractor/Dryer® unit. If noise or air loss is a concern, please see our patented automatic Float Drain, which is specifically designed for the Extractor/Dryer.

Cycle Drain

The CYCLE DRAIN, model #520CD, is used with the Model #520A & 520B only. This drain will automatically expel liquids from the Extractor/Dryer. The cycle drain requires intermittent air flow for operation. There is no air loss.

Float Drain

Our patented automatic FLOAT DRAIN, model #500FD, was specifically designed to fit all models of the Extractor/Dryer. The external bowl is used to collect liquids and contaminants removed by the Extractor/Dryer. Operation is dependent on the liquid level inside the drain bowl and is dispensed by a float controlled device. The Automatic Float drain will drain under normal operating conditions without reducing or relieving the pressure to the Extractor/ Dryer. The automatic float drain prevents any air loss and noise. A clear drain hose is provided.

Electronic Drains

The La-Man® line of ELECTRONIC DRAINS can be added to any Extractor/Dryer, compressor or surge tank, and drip legs. Adjustable intervals and discharge times available in various models. These drains work especially well with applications that have excessive amounts of water, which require controlled monitoring and must be matched to the drainage requirements.


La-Man 500FD Automatic Float Drain

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La-Man SED522-02 Electronic Drain

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La-Man SED522-03 Electronic Drain

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La-Man SED522-04 Electronic Drain

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