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Generator, Towable 21 kW (Ingersoll Rand G25)


PowerSource mobile generators from Ingersoll-Rand are your assurance of power when and where you need it. You'll appreciate the quiet performance, long life, and overall reliability of these rugged generators, which cover a wide range of needs in a variety of applications. Check out some of the key features of the PowerSource mobile generator range:
  • PowerSource generators are easy to operate and packed with features that make these units the optimum choice for rental applications.
  • Environmental containment system provides double wall protection and minimum 110% containment of all fluids with an operator alert for cleaner, safer worksites
  • PowerSource generators feature low noise levels and small package sizes while providing optimum performance in extreme ambient conditions.
  • Ingersoll Rand's exclusive SaferSwitch system makes changing voltage settings fast and easy while providing protection to prevent voltage changeover during operation, eliminating potential damage to the generator.
  • REP alternator provides best in class motor starting performance giving operators the capability to start larger motors with smaller generators and at a lower cost.
  • Trailer system with heavy duty torsion axles provides easy mobility around the worksite and excellent towing stability at highway speeds.
  • Ingersoll Rand's seven step paint process provides a durable long lasting finish and corrosion resistance ensuring long life and higher resale values.
Engineered for performance, Ingersoll-Rand offers a heritage of rugged, durable equipment, tested to meet our demanding standards. Internally developed methods, including rough-road and static control testing, ensure that our generators are built to last.