Hammer Chipping Rental Electric (22.4 lb - Bosch) H22E

Operating Information

IMPORTANT: Electric tools may use any number of symbols to designate electrical specifications. Proper interpretation of these symbols will allow you to operate the tool better and safer.

The tool is switched "ON" by the slide switch 9 located in the rear handle. TO TURN THE TOOL "ON" slide the switch to the right. TO TURN THE TOOL"OFF " slide the switch to the left.

Your tool is equipped with a variable speed dial. The impact rate (BPM) and rotating speed (RPM) can be varied according to the type of work being performed by setting the variable speed dial to the selected setting. The chart below will help you to determine which setting to use for your application. However, a pre-test will determine the best speed setting, as the chart is intended only as a guide. Once the proper setting is determined the impact rate and rotating speed is kept constant by means of the "Electronic Feedback Circuitry". The variable speed dial can be adjusted while the motor is running with the tool free from work, allowing the operator to adjust the impact rate and rotating speed according to the actual application.

The internal electronic feedback system provides a "soft start", which will reduce the stresses that occur from a high torque start. The system also helps to keep the preselected impact rate and rotating speed virtually constant between no-load and load conditions.

Clean the insert shank end of the accessory to remove any debris, then lightly grease with a light oil or lubricant. Insert accessory into the tool holder through the dust shield, while twisting and pushing inward until it locks automatically into place. Pull outward on the accessory to be certain it is locked into the tool holder (fig. 2). NOTE: The high efficiency available from the rotary hammers can only be obtained if sharp and undamaged accessories are used. The "cost" to maintain sharp and undamaged accessories is more than offset by the "time saved" in operating the tool with sharp accessories.

Warning:Accessories may be hot after use. Avoid contact with skin and use proper protective gloves or cloth to remove. To remove an accessory, pull and hold locking sleeve backward and pull bit forward. All accessories should be wiped clean after removing.

The vario-lock selector ring can be set in any one of twelve (30° increments) positions. Choose a position which is best suited for your operation. To adjust, pull the selector ring forward and hold firmly, then turn both the accessory and the selector ring to the desired position. Release the selector ring and turn the accessory slightly until it locks in place.

The tool must be supported with the auxiliary handle , which can be swiveled 360°. To reposition and/or swivel the handle, loosen the hand grip, move the handle to the desired position along the barrel and securely retighten the hand grip.

For the best penetration rates in concrete, run the tool with a steady pressure, but do not use excessive force as this will decrease the efficiency of the tool. All grease packed hammers require a short period of time to warm up. Depending on the room temperature, this time may vary from approximately 15 seconds (90°F) to 2 minutes (32°F). A new hammer requires a break-in period before full performance is realized. This period may require up to 5 hours of operation. An electric hammer is likely to be the most expensive portable tool at the construction job. The long wear and efficient operation of the BOSCH hammers will more than justify the cost for tools of this type. As earlier pointed out, sharp accessories as well as clean air vents are necessary for efficient operation. Establish and follow a set maintenance program.

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